4 reasons to donate to a charity in 2023

4 reasons to donate to a charity in 2023


It’s sad to think that we live in a time where those in need in our communities don’t always get the services and support they require, but that’s one of the main reason why donating to a registered charity like Wheels For Hope is such a powerful thing to do. Donating money to a charity is of benefit to you and your community, and best of all, it’s a way in which you can help to shape a better world for you and future generations.

Why donate to charity?


1. Improving the quality of life of others


Why donate to charity? Well firstly, it’s probably the easiest way that you can directly make a positive impact on the lives of others. Even a small, one off donation can help improve the quality of life for someone in need, and these days you can even make a donation without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. And, there’s no shortage of non profits that need your funds to keep the doors open.

2. Invest in your passions


Whatever it is that you are passionate about, it’s likely there’s a cause that’s linked to it. At Wheels for Hope we are passionate about the gift of mobility for people with disabilities, believing that every individual should have the right to move freely through the world.

Whether your personal values mean you care deeply about children, social injustices, the environment, animals or providing services for the disabled, the easiest way to channel that passion into something meaningful, is by donating to charity. That way, the people qualified to impact the situation can do the work they need to do and provide essential services.

3. Feel connected to a cause


Especially in a world where people are generally time poor, it’s amazing that with the use of technology you can advocate for positive change entirely from the comfort of your own home. You can sign petitions about projects in the developing world, or watch live events unfold in parliaments all across the globe. It’s never been an easier time to connect without having to physically find the time to get involved.

These days, many charities have online forums like social media where you can interact with their community of supporters – and what better way to feel a deep sense of connection and moral duty, than actively contributing financially as well. Giving to charity makes you feel good and appeals to your social conscience. Research has shown that generosity from even small donations can boost happiness.

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4. Tax deductibility

Charitable donations are in most cases tax-deductible, (as they are with Wheels of Hope) providing a very welcome tax break to donors. Any reputable charity will issue you a tax invoice for any money you donate. Be sure to keep these records with your other tax documents to make claiming at tax time easier.

Many nonprofit organizations rely on charitable giving to survive, it’s a great way for a business to give back and an easy way to influence company culture for the better by activity being seen to be doing something to make the world a better place.

Many organizations give to charity either as once-off donations, or on an ongoing basis, but you don’t have to be a business to avail of this benefit! Many people donate money just to contribute. To avail of the tax time benefits, simply collect a receipt for any donation over $2 and pass it on to your accountant at tax time.


What donating to Wheels for Hope empowers us to do?


why donate to a charity in 2023 Wheels for Hope

By making a donation to Wheels for Hope you’ll be changing lives for the better through the gift of mobility. As a not-for-profit charity organisation we rely entirely on the support of like-minded people and organisations to keep doing the work that we do, and we really appreciate every dollar that passes through our doors.

To find out more about the work we do see our about page.

Your donations have a number of positive impacts including helping us to:

  • Maintain the fleet
  • Pay insurances
  • Invest in new cars
  • Afford servicing costs
  • Pay for licensing
  • Continue to install GPS tracking units in each car


Donation Options:

We accept all donations, large, small, once -off and ongoing, and you can give the gift of mobility for as little as $15 a month!

Become a supporter by clicking on this link.

Here are some examples of how donations to Wheels for Hope can make a difference:

  • $15 a month will cover the cost of an annual hoist service
  • $50 a month will cover the cost to replace the tyres on a vehicle
  • $100 a month will cover the cost of servicing/Insuring a vehicle for a year
  • $500 a month will cover the total running costs to keep a van on the road for a year


why donate to a charity in 2023 wheels for hope community


Sponsor a Vehicle

You can also join the Wheels for Hope mission by sponsoring one of the 40 vehicles in our fleet. We are proudly supported by the Rotary Club of Ascot and are always open to accepting new sponsors, you’ll get a shout-out on our social media and your logo in a prominent place on your van of choice. A fantastic way to be seen for your generous contributions out in the community at large!


why donate to a charity in 2023 wheels for hope vehicles


Help us with our Fundraising

Over the year we run many different fundraising events including our annual golf days, and charity car celebrations. If you’re not feeling flush for cash, you can also come along and get involved, or assist us with our fundraising efforts by helping us spread the word about our events and various fundraising initiatives. At some point in the future we are also hoping to launch a “Mobili-Tea” morning tea event, so watch this space!

There’s no doubt that even a little investment goes a long way to help in the not-for-profit space. If you feel inspired by this article we hope you’ll consider becoming a supporter and donate today.